Woman Dies 12 Hours After Marrying Her Soulmate


A young mother of a five-year-old boy tragically died of tongue cancer just 12 hours after marrying the love of her life at a hospice chapel.

28-year-old Emma Gilhespy tragically died after suffering from tongue cancer, but just 12 hours earlier, she was able to marry RAF serviceman Michael Gilhespy, the love of her life.

“I was with her when she died, and I will never forget that,” Michael said.

Emma and Michael had reportedly been together for three years but have never spent a Christmas together because of him being overseas for most of that time. Sadly, the couple never got to spend the holiday together after all.

 “This year would have been our first Christmas,” Michael said. “The first one I was in Afghanistan and last year I was in Cyprus.”

Emma’s mother Debbie Grice says that her daughter found out she had tongue cancer after discovering an ulcer some time ago.

“It all started with an ulcer on her tongue; she told me she kept getting it,” Grice said. “In the end she went to the doctor and was referred for a biopsy last December. On January 6 she went to get the results – she went on her own with Callum as we weren’t expecting anything major – and was told it was tongue cancer.”

To fight the disease, Emma underwent two different procedures as well as radiation therapy, but very quickly, the disease took a tragic turn for the worst, and on November 20, the couple had to get married before they had planned.

“Getting married was something we had talked about doing in the future,” Michael said. “We had talked about buying a house and having children. We had it all planned out for when she was better. She really wanted to go to Venice, and we were also planning to go to Lapland. We had our whole lives ahead of us.”

Michael says he bought a dress for his wife to wear on their wedding day, but instead of wearing it for the ceremony, she decided she wanted to save it. Sadly, Michael says, they wound up putting her in it in her casket.