Zuma Complains About Lazy South Africans

If he were a dictator, he would change a few things, President Jacob Zuma says.


“But this is a democratic country,” Zuma told delegates at the SA Local Government Association [Salga] in Johannesburg on Tuesday.

The president said South Africans had started to become lazy since the shackles of apartheid were loosened.

Zuma related an anecdote of a visit he made to an unnamed African country during the liberation struggle, reported Sapa.

“I got there and people were working very slowly, they were not in a rush, and I asked the comrade who was taking me, ‘What’s happening?’

“He said people don’t work fast, people say they are free. The white man has left, they are now free.”

Zuma warned that freedom is “not something that is in the air”.

According to the Times, he told delegates that if he were a dictator, he “would change a few things”.

He also complained that South Africans tend to “exaggerate” about their problems and wait for government to sort everything out, reported News 24.