Jimbo Fisher: 2014 Jameis Winston Is Better Than 2013 Jameis

While a lot of people may voice their disagreement with this, Jimbo Fisher seems to be a little more impressed with this year’s Jameis Winston than last year’s. 

Most people look at Jameis Winston’s body of work this season and would go out of their way to say that he in no way resembles the juggernaut of a freshman that we saw last season. Of course, just looking at the 17 interceptions this season will allow someone to draw that conclusion rather quickly, and maybe understandably so.

However, Jimbo Fisher is not one of these people.

During an appearance on Sirius XM Radio recently, Fisher actually stated that he’s of the belief Winston is actually better this season than he was last, which you know raised a few eyebrows.

“Me personally, I think he’s better this year than he was a year ago.” Fisher said of his sophomore quarterback.

When elaborating on the comment that a lot of people might find ludicrous, Fisher pointed toward the adversity that Winston has faced on the field this season with all of the comebacks the team had to make. And as know, he was responsible for getting the Seminoles out of a lot of trouble this season.