Kaimenyi: Teachers Are The Best Paid In The Region

Education Cabinet Secretary Prof Jacob Kaimenyi has said today that teachers’ salary review will only be done after the Salaries Remuneration Commission completes job evaluation

Speaking this morning, Kaimenyi said the ministry had been advised not to engage in salary review until the job evaluation was completed.

Kaimenyi who was speaking at a meeting with the Kenya Private Sector Alliance was however quick to add that Kenyan teachers are among the best paid in the region

Kaimenyi added that “teachers’ unions KUPPET and KNUT are demanding an unreasonable salary increment”

The Cabinet Secretary said that the Ksh. 700B the teachers are demanding is 40% of last year’s national budget and that they must accept job evaluation first.

The Cabinet Secretary said that teachers get a hardship allowance of Ksh. 6.7B while other public servants get 4.6B.

He added that the government remits Ksh. 90M to unions and that KNUT officials get Ksh. 1.2M plus monthly allowances.

He spoke this morning even as the two unions KUPPET and KNUT together with teachers’ employer TSC were expected in the industrial court for further directions on their case

The Industrial Court will engage the main players in education in a bid to find a solution to end the ongoing teachers’ strike.

KNUT and KUPPET are demanding a 300% pay raise in addition to 35 other allowances.

The teachers’ strike is currently on its second week.