Lupita Nyong’o Calls Fame ‘Awkward’

Lucky magazine’s gorgeous March 2015 cover star is Lupita Nyong’o, whose Spring ready cover look is making us feel super eager to soak in the sunshine whilst kicking back in the park.


The fresh-faced actress opened up about how using the bathrooms at Starbucks in Manhattan (like any average Joe in New York City) is pretty awkward nowadays, given the whole fame thing.

Nyong’o confessed, “The not-so-fun part of all this is that when I don’t feel like being famous, I still am. When you’re in the middle of Manhattan and you have to pop into Starbucks to use the restroom and everyone recognizes you when you’re waiting in line, it’s awkward.”

The Academy Award-winning actress (for 12 Years A Slave) was named People‘s”Most Beautiful Woman” and Glamour‘s “Woman of the Year”, unsurprising yet no less true: she’s absolutely stunning and amazing.

On natural beauty, she commented, “My mother has never ever worn a drop of makeup in her life, not even at a wedding. Honestly, my mother’s outlook was hard for me to take when I was a teenager and wanted to experiment.

“But in the end I appreciated it, because today I can look in a mirror with no makeup on and love myself.”

Nyong’o shared this side-by-side pic of her and mother, and they’re total look-alikes!:


But as far as social media goes, the actress explained, “I’m governed by things that made me smile, laugh and think. And if they do that to me, then I ask myself, would anybody else care to see this? If I can think of one person, I post it.”

Furthermore, even she gets nervous speaking in public. She confessed, “It makes me very nervous. My heart is on my sleeve when I do those things, but the only way I know to do them is to speak from my heart. So it costs me a lot…and then I need to take a nap.”