Raila meets his favourite artist, Jaguar, at Carnivore


Celebrated singer Jaguar finally met former Prime Minister and CORD co-principal Raila Odinga on Saturday night at Carnivore only days after the CORD boss confessed he is Jaguar’s great fan.

The Barua Kwa Rais singer who is known for his outspoken support for President Uhuru Kenyatta had a brief chat with Raila backstage during the Luo Night extravaganza that was attended by thousands.

They posed for the cameras and exchanged smiles during the slightly tense encounter that could be interpreted as a political maneuver, by critics. Later in the night, Jaguar told MondayBlues that he was at the event as a showbiz fan and entertainer and his brief encounter with the former Prime Minister had nothing to do with politics.

“I am honored to have him (Raila) as my fan and I thank him for appreciating local talent that is Kenyan music,” Jaguar said before exiting the venue in the company of his bodyguards and driver. During the cultural festival that showcased the Luo culture, Raila and his wife Ida Odinga took to the stage and staged a dance amidst cheers from the jovial fans.


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