Thug shot dead, two wounded in Kiambu


Ndumberi Village residents watch at a body of gunned down gangster by kiambu police who was terrorising the village for months with two other accomplices fleeing with gunshot wounds. Photo/STANLEY NJENGA

A notorious thug was yesterday shot dead by Kiambu police in Ndumberi village while two accomplices fled with gunshot wounds.

Njuguna wa Mbithe was killed at 3am and police recovered a toy pistol, stolen vehicle side mirrors, a metal-cutting pair of scissors and pangas.

The gang had raided Alloys Gakuo’s home and was stealing his car side mirrors, when he called police on a hotline number recently opened for reporting crime.

“I was preparing to leave home for work, but noticed people outside my house. I called police who laid an ambush on the gangsters and gunned down one of them,” Gakuo said.

Residents said they were relieved because Mbithe had terrorised the state for three months.

They said he had been arrested and jailed for many offences, including rape.

“Everyone knows Njuguna. He is a jailbird and had evaded police for sometime. He had formed a gang, which invaded homes armed with guns and crude weapons,” resident Charles Kariuki said.