Meet The 23-Year-Old New Socialite In Town. She Doesn’t Have Titanic Booty But Male Revelers Don’t Give Her Space To Breathe (Photos)


While the likes of Vera Sidika and Huddah Monroe sweating serving their foreign clients, a new socialite is taking Nairobi by storm.

A-List socialites rarely show up at City night clubs to rave with Nairobians. Even so, socialites are in full supply in the nation’s capital.

23-Year-Old Faith Ngugi is slowly filling in the shoes on her sophisticated counterparts. She might be the reason why some dudes have exhausted the services of shylocks and other money lending apps just to catch up with her at city night clubs.

Miss Ngugi is a regular face at Nairobi’s leading entertainment hotspots. She makes coin by hosting various gigs at clubs.

And revelers love every piece of her. She knows A-Z about making party-goers feel the value of spending their at entertainment hotspots.

Currently, the young socialite has inked a deal with Club Life Kenya.